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Our Casa Montessori Program

Our Casa Montessori program is for children aged 2½ to 5 years who are entering Preschool, JK, and SK. We’ve designed this program with activities that specifically focus on these sensitive periods in a child’s development.

Why Choose TRMS’s Casa Montessori?

Our Casa Montessori program curriculum bridges the gap between concrete and abstract learning. It encompasses five key areas, including Practical Life, Sensorial, Language Arts, Mathematics, and Culture (which encompasses zoology, geography, botany, history, and science and technology).

These sound like big topics – and they are! – but we’ve created a curriculum that is optimal for children. Their introduction to these areas of learning provides them with a solid enriching and engaging foundation for their life long educational journey.

A few considerations:

  • Teacher to student ratio of 1 to 8.
  • Mandatory catered hot meal program included in the fees.
  • Naps are optional for Preschool aged students.
  • All students must be toilet trained and independent in toilet habits.
  • Is only offered full time.

Program Features

Practical Life

With Practical Life exercises, we teach children how to care for themselves and their environment. They develop fine and gross motor skills through hands on learning.

We categorize these exercises in Preliminary Exercises, Care of the Environment, Care of Self, Grace and Courtesy, and Movement.

Sensorial Materials

Montessori Sensorial Materials encourage children to investigate visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, and tactile senses, and identification and discriminatory perceptions.

The materials we use encourage trial and error, encouraging children to be comfortable with making mistakes and understanding that it’s all part of the learning process.

Language Arts

Children have a boundless capacity to expand their communication through language. But educators know that their task is merely to facilitate this process.

With the aid of alphabetic materials, TRMS children learn to read and write as they learn and blend phonetic sounds together and develop proper letter formation.


Our Montessori mathematical materials provide TRMS children with a concrete sensorial experience of mathematics.

TRMS Casa Montessori children learn numeric sense and mathematical concepts through materials that are appropriate for their development.


This area of our curriculum focuses on learning the basic scientific concepts of botany, zoology, geography, history, science, and technology.

All of these contribute to TRMS children gaining a broader knowledge and awareness of the global environment.

Physical Education

Physical development in an integral part of growing. Raising active children leads to healthy long-term lifestyles. We offer a comprehensive Phys. Ed. Program in multi-sports, martial arts and Zumba.

Students participate in 3 seasonal field trips per school year and in monthly themed special events. These experiences enrich their learning and allow the exploration of different environments.


The Music Program encompasses the “Discovery of Music.” The repertoire is fun and motivating for students to encourage participation and build confidence in performing in front of a group.

The student’s accomplishments are displayed for the parents at the annual Christmas and Year End Concerts.


Learning supplementary languages not only stimulates and opens the child’s mind culturally and academically, but it also trains and develops the ear. TRMS provides an enriched Core French program in preparation for French Immersion in grade 2.

The French program includes oral lessons of basic vocabulary and commands which are introduced through monthly themes and reinforced with songs, stories, and rhymes.

Character Education

Our Character Education program nurtures essential skills and attributes by modelling to children how to become responsible, caring members of our society. At TRMS, our program encourages behaviour that is inclusive, respectful, and empathetic towards others. We apply this philosophy every day at our school and encourage TRMS students to become a community of friends through learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age does your Casa Montessori program start?
Students must be at least 30 months to commence at TRMS.
Does my child need to be toilet trained?
Yes, all students must be toilet trained and independent in toilet habits and able to wipe themselves.
Can my child nap?
Yes, Preschool students have the option to participate in a nap for up to 1 & 1/2 hour.
Is the food included in the fees?
Yes, the catered meal expenses for snacks and lunch are included in the Casa program fees.

What Our Families Say About Our Casa Montessori Program

Hear directly from our passionate community of students’ families about their transformative experiences within our nurturing environment.

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Jane Zhao

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"I can't believe that it has been nine years since I first walked through the doors of TRMS. As a first time mother I was certain that no one could care/teach Kathryn as well as I could. From the first...more"

Natyshak Family

"Thank you for a most exciting year at school this term! I have loved learning and being part of all the exciting events at my school. I am proud to be a "Montessori Kid". My favourite part of JK was...more"

Moschella Family

"Once again you have outdone yourself!! This year has been fantastic! We know that it is a team accomplishment, but the team can only be as good as its captain. Our hats off to you in admiration of your passion...more"

Haider Family

"Thank you for another amazing year! Our family is so blessed to have been a part of the Trafalgar Ridge family and will continue next year. We are so appreciative of your time and dedication to Teagan. She has definitely...more"

Drake Family

"Thank you for everything and for another wonderful year! Although this is only our second year at TRMS, we feel as though we have been a part of the family for years. Your continued support with concerns/issues (not that there...more"

Calderaro Family

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