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Our Mission

It is a privilege to help educate and nurture each child who comes through our doors. We embody a community, providing a safe environment in which curiosity, ambition, and growth flourish. We nurture ‘the whole child’ to help them grow into happy, well-rounded people.

Our Mission

The fundamental principle governing Trafalgar Ridge Montessori School’s approach to learning is that the whole child (intellectual, emotional, physical, and social) must be the focal point of our activities so that each student can develop at their own pace. It is our goal to direct each child achieve their personal best in all areas of development. Our obligation is always first and foremost to the child.

TRMS offers a non-denominational multicultural environment for children to learn, grow, develop and thrive.

A Message from Our Director

As the School Director I am privileged to lead a dedicated and passionate group of educators who truly adore teaching children! Most of our Teaching Team has been at TRMS long-term. We work collaboratively in a supportive environment.

We are proud that we’ve been Providing Quality Education in a Nurturing Environment for over 25 years. It is a joy to have built special long-term relationships with our graduates and their families.

Choosing a school, that is most appropriate to the needs of your child, is a major decision for parents. Many questions arise but the most important is whether the school’s educational and social philosophy meets the parent’s own expectations and standards. If you are seeking a school that is an extension of home where diversity is embraced and every child is treated as a unique individual, TRMS is the place for you!

Trafalgar Ridge’s philosophy is based on the principle that education involves the development of self-motivated, responsible, and self-disciplined children. From a very young age we introduce children – through purposeful activities – to independent learning and self-initiative, enabling them to achieve their highest potential. Children nurture their self-esteem and skills that are vital to being a fully functioning member of society are developed.

Our students work independently and collaboratively, learning to respect the needs of others as well as their own. A love of nature and a deep sense of responsibility for others and their environment are fostered. We also take pride in offering a culturally diverse environment where children of all backgrounds can thrive. We teach children to take pride in their heritage and to embrace and respect the beliefs of others. We take children around the world in their learning experience by exploring the people, cultures, and animals of our wonderful planet! All this is achieved ensuring that the child is safe, has fun, and develops meaningful relationships.

A child’s school should be an extension of their family life, providing a safe environment in which they can explore ideas and feelings. At TRMS, we fully embrace the African proverb “it takes a village to raise a child.” The TRMS teaching team and parents work cooperatively to provide children with a well-rounded support system and community that nurtures learning and growth.

We would be happy to have you and your child(ren) join the TRMS school community!

Madame Sandrine Lescure
School Director

Nurturing The Whole Child

Music & Concerts

Our supplementary music program is offered at every program level. With a fun and motivating repertoire, students learn to love music, movement, and performing.

Our students have the opportunity to participate in two enriching concert experiences throughout the year.


French is an integral part of our programs starting in preschool to support their growth and language development.

Daily French classes effectively prepare students who wish to move into French Immersion in Grade 2.

Special Events & Experiences

Throughout the year, we host special events and experiences that TRMS families come together to enjoy!

We offer a variety of extra curricular activities such as  events organized by the Parent Association. We are also participating in numerous community outreach initiative.

What Our Families Say About TRMS

Hear directly from our passionate community of students' families about their transformative experiences within our nurturing environment.

"I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt appreciation for the incredible concert that was organized under your guidance. The concert was an absolute delight from start to finish. The choice of music/costumes, the stunning performances, and the...more"

Jane Zhao

"I wanted to extend my gratitude to you and the camp team for taking such excellent care of Ailah during her time at the camp. She had a wonderful experience and enjoyed herself. Your dedication to creating a safe and...more"


"I can't believe that it has been nine years since I first walked through the doors of TRMS. As a first time mother I was certain that no one could care/teach Kathryn as well as I could. From the first...more"

Natyshak Family

"Thank you for a most exciting year at school this term! I have loved learning and being part of all the exciting events at my school. I am proud to be a "Montessori Kid". My favourite part of JK was...more"

Moschella Family

"Once again you have outdone yourself!! This year has been fantastic! We know that it is a team accomplishment, but the team can only be as good as its captain. Our hats off to you in admiration of your passion...more"

Haider Family

"Thank you for another amazing year! Our family is so blessed to have been a part of the Trafalgar Ridge family and will continue next year. We are so appreciative of your time and dedication to Teagan. She has definitely...more"

Drake Family

"Thank you for everything and for another wonderful year! Although this is only our second year at TRMS, we feel as though we have been a part of the family for years. Your continued support with concerns/issues (not that there...more"

Calderaro Family

Our Location

2379 Trafalgar Road, Unit 6 Oakville, Ontario L6H 6K7

Phone: 905-257-5955


TRMS is located in the Trafalgar Ridge “HomeSense/Winners” Plaza near the junction of Trafalgar Road and Dundas West (HWY 5).

We’re minutes from Highway 403’s exit on Dundas West; north of the QEW exit on Trafalgar; and south of Highway 407.

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