Elementary Montessori Program

The Lower Elementary program is a three year learning cycle.

Trafalgar Ridge Montessori Schools‘ early elementary program accommodates children aged 6 to 8 in the same classroom. This 6 to 8 year-old mix represents a congenial and gregarious social group, with role modeling and motivation being provided to the 6 year olds by the older students.

The strong social bonds, which develop, allow for a smooth work effort. The program is based on the fundamentals of the Montessori Casa program and continues to be an individualized approach to learning. In the first year the students continue to develop a solid foundation of concepts through concrete application and move to abstract work during the mid to late second year and in the third year.

The elementary classroom is established as a miniature community where children work individually while co-operating with the group. The children are encouraged to strive and become responsible for their own behaviour and in so doing, they help their community by observing the rules necessary for peaceful, constructive co-existence.

As the students progress through the elementary program, they depend more on auditory and visual experiences, as they move away from concrete to more abstract concepts and learning.

The elementary classroom …

  • Is offered to students 6 to 8 years old at point of entry.
  • Follows the Montessori Lower Elementary Curriculum and meets the Ontario Ministry of Education Grade Level Expectations
  • Offers an optional hot lunch program.
  • Offers an off site physical education program (multi-sports, skating, swimming).
  • Offers curriculum based field trips and a STEM coding program.