The Montessori Method Series – The Three Period Lesson

By Sandrine Lescure

In this second post in the Montessori Method Series, we’ll see the three period lesson. This is the key way lessons are presented in the Montessori classroom.
The three period lesson originated with Edouard Seguin, and his ideas were a key influence on Dr. Montessori when she was first developing her method.

The three period lesson in a nutshell:
1. Introduction – naming. “This is (the sound) “c”.
2. Identification – recognizing “Show me “c”.
3. Cognition – remembering “What is this?” / “Show me ___ ”

Here is a video of the three period lesson in action, exactly as Dr. Montessori intended it, as if you were watching it happen in a classroom.

Here is a video where the teacher gives some explanation of each step to the camera before she conducts it with the child.

And here is one where a Montessori trainer is explaining the nuts and bolts, so to speak, of conducting a three period lesson from an adult perspective.