I was February’s Principal of The Day

By Sandrine Lescure

Hello, I was the Principal of the Day for the month of February. It was fun, I loved it! I got hot chocolate and a sub and a cookie to eat. It was yummy! I answered the phone and the door lots of times! I met the parents and the kids I didn’t know the name of. I felt like I was king that day it was so fun! In the morning I watched Elementary play soccer on the cameras in Madame’s office. I ate lunch with my friends and it made me happy! I did the attendance and I read and I prepared French charts with my friends. This week was very busy at school. We had sports jersey and there were lots of different colour jerseys. My favourite hockey is the Pittsburgh Penguins. It was Chinese New Year so I want to wish everyone a happy Chinese New Year and thank my friend’s mom and the Casa 2 class for their presentation. Its the year of the rooster cock-a-doodle-do! From your friend, The Principal of the Day.